Wednesday, October 27, 2010

have it all

what i lack
is intangible
it's not something you buy
in a store, it's a certain
that the rent will be paid,
things will turn out

i am losing faith in everything - everyone
who told me the key
to a "good" job was college -
the previous generations
for expecting our lives to be
so much better, but
making our futures drastically worse -
the inability to believe
anything will be fine
if i vote for the right politician - it's
not losing childhood hopes
that bothers me,
it's losing all hope
for anything
to get better, or change

Friday, October 1, 2010


the easy rise and fall,
absence of that eerie whistle
which, when it comes
tells you, hush,
be still
the storm is coming
coming to ravage what you take
as a given,
the ease of inhale

grasp that plastic-encased steroid
until the catch
gulp air, head swimming,
palm pressed to face.
do not black out.
it only gets worse from there.