Sunday, April 29, 2007

the view from kelly’s window *

nonfiction classmate
beating off under blanket:
oh god! close the blinds!

special thanks to two of my wonderful friends for inspiration for this haiku.

* also in my senior thesis. this particular poem is a true story - my friend lived next to one of my nonfiction classmates, and one day saw him doing the above activity in his living room - of course he denied it (said he was petting a cat - HA!), so naturally, i shamed him publicly.
also, he deserved it, for being the prick that my entire senior seminar class loathed, universally.

Friday, April 13, 2007

B. achelor of A. rts *

call it stuttering pen syndrome,
a thing learned
in classrooms.
i find
the transformation suspect:
i formerly wrote prolifically
in stark contrast to the
two or three
poems composed
in this last year.


has been appraised,
something lacking
in the evisceration
what not to do
all the ways you’re

and afraid
of tiny
my work has transmuted from chaotic
of a mind
on a page

to the ironic sneer
of a one-finger salute
to an education in writing:

a blank page full of lines,
through which thick black marks
obliterate any coherent meaning.

* yes, of course i put this in my B.A. senior thesis. had to. how else are you to thumb your nose at teachers and peers?