Friday, May 31, 2013

the direct quote

yes, i
used my razors on
my arms
but you took yours to my chest
flechettes carving wounds criss-
crossed so deeply
i thought they'd never heal.
and now -
with my clumps of scars
bisecting this purple-red organ
of mine
this insanity of the mind, the
things i accepted from you
as if they were my due, yes

your marks still live here,
much as i camouflage them,
best i can
your fingerprints in my life -
and although incessant ache
has faded into the peculiar
melancholy of memory, still 

sometimes i stare at pictures
of you and wonder
about a parallel life i'll
never live, and the way
life brings us to our knees -

"i want to love somebody else
the way you love me."

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


i waited, calling
for the soft, furry body
i knew wouldn't be running to the door,
unlike every morning -
the hesitation of uncertainty
where to look,
who has my cat?

his loss is bigger,
in this household,
than his body.

Friday, January 4, 2013

"why aren't you writing?"

because i'm depressed
because i'm reading - it's like research, okay?
it's too hot 
it's too cold
because poetry doesn't sell well, anyway
i'm too tired
because i have no office space
because it's way too crowded in here
stop hassling me about it
i feel pressured
because i can't figure out what genre i should market it in
i'm busy
because i have nothing to say.

yeah.  that last one.