Sunday, April 23, 2006


she was just, suddenly, there
i ran into her, intruding
on my campus
my turf.
FUCK classes, i pulled her
by the hand away from her tour
group, held her
by the hand and
for once, she didn't mind.
i took her - my small, lonely chapel
the peaceful cemetery full of dead,
chaste priests
to the ribs above the soaring
gothic cathedral arches, the
abandoned dome of Admin
business-office's open, musty hold
of a basement, under
the road in brick tunnels
the oak whose branches i crawled
into, seeking solace
or solitude
when i cried.
showed the heart
of my campus, the heart
of myself.
fingers clasped tightly
to hers the entire time.
she did not pull away.
and then we lay on the worn,
cool stone steps
running my hands down her
sides, splitting open my heart,
my mind.
tonguing, melding, abandoning
ourselves to the absence
of alone, as the shocked staff
peeped out the office
windows, and neither of us
would mind.
free of shame,
constraint, uncertainty,
fear. i held her
in my hands,
took her to my chapel
we lay together, stretched
on the floor, worshiping
each other. melting
into her.
melting into her.

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