Friday, October 13, 2006

although you still pretend your scars do not exist

scars are never
they will stare
with their blind,
white tissue
until you are forced
to acknowledge
their existence.
make yourself sicken upon them,
really look, as if you
have never gazed
into their muted, raised
make yourself RECOGNIZE
the damage - i
did this.
i have marked my body,
irretrievably loosened
my skin, widened
my cracks.
the singing
of blood and my mute longing
to speak,
there is no denying this.
i could lie, back
as i did in the years that
i spent hiding from mental incarceration
but the point has vanished;
no one ever believed
the falsehoods.
the fact remains:
i have wreaked
vengeance against myself.

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