Sunday, September 6, 2009


he always waits until
i can't stand it anymore,
and move on my own
something i am comfortable with
as i move with anyone else
but then, the others never
change their minds
halfway through they're on me, eager
like me on you, like
our connect when the hesitance
finally leaks away.
we're not, then, so shy and reserved, we
breathe in what comes.

what comes now is the rain, my
morning-after slog to the city
to starve like a proper artist should,
while you teach high school, act properly
and count down the days to summer
more avidly than the kids.

i want you to teach me, or maybe yourself,
more about this - what it boils
down to, our bond
our lack
of letting go, even though
you say we are apart.
i know your
life is insular
and i combine the
aspects of my life in ever-changing
patterns, this person meet this
watch my lovers stumble
through the conversations they
never dreamed of having

and i'm wondering
about you, thinking
when will
you finally come to take your
place in the calm center of my
chaotic storm
and settle the
winds down far enough so i
can see through to the horizon?

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