Friday, October 26, 2007


i like the way you [i] (we) smell
tangled up in me [you] (ourselves)
hanging on with sticky fingers,
the pads of your [my] (our) fingertips
stuck together, intertwined.
this smells clear, like your
[my] (our) clean sweat and
your [my] (our) mouths(s) all over
me [you] (we) smell like me [you]
(each other)

i'm failing to qualify it
musk is too strong
sweat's too sweaty and we
don't reek of sex
it's not like that
it's the scent
of a pillow after someone has slept
and you pick it up
and it smells like someone
has loved this place, these
crumpled sheets, my [your]
(our) twisted body(ies)
your [my] (our) arms
and sprawling

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