Saturday, April 16, 2011

back when i loved you

were so shy, although
you pretended not to need
anyone, least of all

and i wrapped you in my arms,
and held your insecurities
and told your
it was okay, your neuroses
and failings and
the scars on your arms
did not define you,
just like
the scars on my arms
did not define me, did not explain
anything at all, other
than the fact that we were in pain

and you moved on,
those words, "i
love you,"
terrifying you to the point where
you would not speak to me
at all
coming between our
sanctuary of hope

i hope you are loved, now
in the arms of your husband
hope you learned
about trust,
the desire to hold someone
because they need it

i missed you
for years, although i
poured no hope into

i speak to your sister often
she finally understood
what i mean when i said
i loved you

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