Sunday, April 17, 2011

forty ways to say i’m sorry

you are hurting,
you will cry constantly over the person
who hurts you most, who
still owns that piece
of your heart that is the hardest
to reclaim
and i would fly
to your side,
hold your hand away
from the phone
that poisons you
with his words
which bite and sting,
but keep you running, still –
to the place where
he holds
his hands to your hurting
holey heart,
burn into
your flesh, creating scars
that will never fully heal, and
i understand
what saying goodbye means – the
willingness to end
what hurts you most
is infinitely hard to scrape up
but grows
when you finally say
no more, no more
crying at night,
wasting you in your bed, which
seems the loneliest place in your world
but i would hold you, given
half the chance,
i would feed you
the kind of love that
doesn’t hurt, kill
your chance to leave –
woman, i would hold your heart, and never let go.

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