Monday, April 25, 2011

that comes when you think you might

perversely pondering the implications of death,
i scuffed through fallen blossoms
staring through you like a broken window,
too ashamed to admit
that we were disjointed

i wanted to hit you, but made do
with thrashing to glittering dust the pieces
of your heart that would be the hardest
to reclaim
with breaking our flesh, creating scars
which bite and sting us,

i watched flower petals swirl down
noting the incredible ill-timing
of this unexpected fracture

but all my rage
does not alter the fact that
i drank until i forgot reticence
finally unlocked the door
let you in

you were shocked, i could tell
but you wanted to fuck so badly
ravenous with desire
heavy under my fingers
and i shrank within myself
scarlet in my anger, screaming
i am impervious

we ground our fragments into something solid,
barely restrained
i understood, then, the complications
of what would supersede us

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