Saturday, April 23, 2011

colors of the mind

i would walk through
our shotgun house for soda
the most ridiculous shade
of purple,
but there’s a redhead in
our bed, fucking himself
not to be crass, but it’s true
and i don’t feel like interrupting

this is a weird domesticity, the type
where you know these things,
and it’s not remotely awkward
although i’ve been with lovers
who’d go to any lengths to hide it,
even if i knew anyway

this day is tending towards blue, although
the clouds are persistently grey
as is the cat twining between
my legs, pestering for attention

it’s funny how red hair looks
brown, when wet
the slow change from dull
to iridescent, as it dries
on my shoulders
me in my brightpink
plaid pajamas which
i never changed from
when i migrated to the couch,
to join its slow meditations

amazing how the green light
from the porch full of plants
inside our living room,
turns the slowly fading light

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